AU SARO Presentation

African Union Southern Africa Regional Office

The African Union Southern Africa Regional Office (AU-SARO) was established in 2001. It is a representational office to develop and maintain constructive and productive relationship between the AU and Member States in the Region, SADC and COMESA.

Core Functions


  • To liase and harmonise specific policies in the geo-political and socio-economic activities of the AU in the southern African Region;
  • To ensure regular consultations with the RECs in the region


  • To represent the AU in the Southern Africa region; and increase awareness about the AU, its mission and its work in the region;
  • To establish working relationships with the Southern African Region
  • To assist members States in the domestication of AU legal instruments

Monitoring And Reporting

  • To monitor political developments of concern to African countries in the Southern Africa region;
  • To ensure that Southern activities on Refugees, Health, Immigration and Natural Disasters receive quick attention from the AU;
  • To follow-up on issues relating to early warning systems in Southern Africa

Communication And Promotion

  • To support the Exchange of information between Southern African countries and the AU;
  • To counter, when necessary, media distortions about developments and events in Southern Africa;
  • To promote unity, Solidarity and enhance Pan-African spirit in the Southern African Region.





In addition, the Office works closely with the African Ambassadors/High Commissioners accredited to the Republic of Malawi, on integration and development in the region. In other words, there is continuous engagement and consultations with all stakeholders, including development partners, in the region to ensure that support for development programs are in the conformity with AU and national development priorities.